CAO Courses at TUS

CAO Courses at TUS

Athlone, Limerick, Tipperary
Third Level and CAO

Course description

CAO Courses with TUS (Technological University of the Shannon) are offered at levels 6, 7 & 8. These are listed below.

US800 Art and Design (Common Entry, Portfolio) [Limerick]
US801 Art and Design Teacher Education (Offered jointly by TUS and UL – Portfolio) [Limerick]
US802 Animation and Illustration (Portfolio) [Athlone]
US803 Graphic and Digital Design (Portfolio) [Athlone]
US804 Creative Media and User Experience Design [Clonmel]
US805 Digital Animation (Portfolio) [Clonmel]
US806 Game Art and Design (Portfolio) [Clonmel]
US807 Creative Broadcast and Film Production [Limerick]
US808 Music Production and Technology [Limerick]
US809 Music and Sound Engineering [Athlone]
US820 Software Development [Limerick]
US821 Software Design for Virtual Reality and Gaming [Athlone]
US822 Software Design in Artificial Intelligence for Cloud Computing [Athlone]
US823 Software Design for Mobile Apps and Connected Devices [Athlone]
US824 Computer Engineering for Network Infrastructure [Athlone]
US825 Immersive Digital Media [Limerick]
US826 Mobile and Web Computing [Limerick]
US827 Computer Networks and Systems Management [Limerick]
US828 Computing – Games Design and Development [Thurles]
US829 Computer Engineering for Robotics [Athlone]
US840 Business [Athlone]
US841 Business [Limerick]
US842 Business [Thurles]
US843 Business Studies (Digital Marketing) [Limerick]
US844 Digital Marketing [Athlone]
US845 Accounting and Finance [Limerick]
US846 Accounting with Finance [Athlone]
US847 Accounting with Finance and Placement [Athlone]
US848 Business and Law [Athlone]
US849 Law and Taxation [Limerick]
US850 Law [Athlone]
US851 Business Studies (Marketing and Management) [Limerick]
US852 Business Studies (Enterprise and Innovation) [Limerick]
US853 International Business [Athlone]
US854 International Business Studies [Limerick]
US855 Business with Computing [Limerick]
US860 Biotechnology with Biopharmaceutical Science [Limerick]
US861 Biotechnology [Athlone]
US862 Microbiology [Athlone]
US863 Forensic and Pharmaceutical Sciences [Limerick]
US864 Drug and Medicinal Product Analysis [Limerick]
US865 Pharmacology [Athlone]
US866 Pharmaceutical Sciences [Athlone]
US867 Bioveterinary Science [Athlone]
US868 Environmental Science and Climate [Thurles]
US869 Medical Technology [Limerick]
US870 Agricultural Science and Sustainability [Thurles]
US877 General Nursing [Athlone]
US878 Mental Health Nursing [Athlone]
US880 Quantity Surveying [Athlone]
US881 Quantity Surveying [Limerick]
US882 Property Valuation and Management [Limerick]
US883 Built Environment (Common Entry) [Limerick]
US884 Construction Management [Athlone]
US885 Construction Management [Limerick]
US886 Civil Engineering Management [Limerick]
US887 Civil Engineering [Athlone]
US888 Interior Design [Limerick]
US900 Electrical Engineering [Limerick]
US901 Renewable and Electrical Energy Engineering [Limerick]
US902 Industrial Automation and Robotic Systems [Limerick]
US903 Electronic Engineering with Computer Systems [Limerick]
US910 Mechanical Engineering [Athlone]
US911 Mechanical Engineering [Limerick]
US912 Mechanical Engineering with Energy [Athlone]
US913 Mechanical and Polymer Engineering [Athlone]
US914 Precision Engineering [Limerick]
US915 Automotive Engineering and Transport Management [Limerick]
US916 Automation and Robotics [Athlone]
US920 Social Care Work [Limerick]
US921 Social Care Practice [Athlone]
US922 Social Care Work [Thurles]
US923 Social Care Work [Ennis]
US924 Applied Psychology [Limerick]
US925 Applied Psychology [Athlone]
US926 Early Years Care and Education [Athlone]
US927 Early Childhood Education and Care [Limerick]
US928 Community and Addiction Studies [Limerick]
US930 Culinary Entrepreneurship [Athlone]
US931 Culinary Entrepreneurship [Limerick]
US932 Hospitality Management (with International Placement) [Athlone]
US940 Business Studies with Travel and Tourism Management [Limerick]
US941 Business Studies with Event Management [Limerick]
US946 Business Studies with Beauty and Spa Management [Limerick]
US950 Nutrition and Health Science [Athlone]
US951 Sports Science with Exercise Physiology [Athlone]
US952 Sports Management (with International Placement) [Athlone]
US953 Business Studies with Sports Management [Limerick]
US954 Sports Development and Performance [Limerick]
US956 Athletic and Rehabilitation Therapy [Athlone]
US957 Physical Activity and Health Science [Athlone]
US958 Applied Sports Science with Strength and Conditioning [Thurles]
US959 Applied Sports Science with Performance Technology [Thurles]
US960 Accounting and Finance (Online)

Ordinary Bachelor Degrees / Higher Certificates – Level 7/Level 6
US600 Music and Instrument Technology [Athlone]
US610 Accounting and Finance [Limerick]
US611 Business [Athlone]
US612 Business Studies (Marketing and Management) [Limerick]
US613 Business (Sport and Recreation) [Athlone]
US630 Culinary Arts [Athlone]
US631 Culinary Arts [Limerick]
US632 Bar Supervision [Athlone]
US640 Sports Development and Coaching [Limerick]
US650 Automobile Technology [Limerick]
US651 Agricultural Mechanisation (in Year 1 students – four days at Pallaskenry Ag College and one day at TUS Limerick) [Limerick]
US660 Pharmacy Technician [Athlone]
US661 Dental Nursing [Athlone]
US662 Applied Science [Athlone]
US700 Graphic Design (Portfolio) [Athlone]
US701 Creative Media and User Experience Design [Clonmel]
US702 Creative Broadcast and Film Production [Limerick]
US703 Music Production and Technology [Limerick]
US704 Music and Sound Engineering [Athlone]
US710 Mobile and Web Computing [Limerick]
US711 Computer Engineering with Network Infrastructure [Athlone]
US712 Software Design with Artificial Intelligence for Cloud Computing [Athlone]
US713 Software Design for Virtual Reality and Gaming [Athlone]
US714 Computer Engineering [Athlone]
US715 Software Design for Mobile Apps and Connected Devices [Athlone]
US716 Computer Engineering for Robotics [Athlone]
US720 Business [Athlone]
US721 Business [Thurles]
US722 Business with Computing [Limerick]
US723 Enterprise and Innovation [Limerick]
US724 Digital Marketing [Athlone]
US730 Applied Biology [Limerick]
US731 Biotechnology [Athlone]
US732 Forensic and Pharmaceutical Sciences [Limerick]
US733 Pharmaceutical Sciences (Drug Development and Analysis) [Athlone]
US735 Medical Technology [Limerick]
US736 Environmental Science and Climate [Thurles]
US738 Veterinary Nursing [Athlone]
US740 Agricultural Science and Sustainability [Thurles]
US750 Electrical Engineering [Limerick]
US751 Electronic Engineering with Computer Systems [Limerick]
US752 Renewable and Electrical Energy Engineering [Limerick]
US753 Industrial Automation and Robotic Systems [Limerick]
US760 Civil Engineering [Limerick]
US761 Civil Engineering [Athlone]
US770 Mechanical Engineering [Athlone]
US771 Mechanical Engineering [Limerick]
US772 Mechanical Engineering with Energy [Athlone]
US773 Engineering (Common Entry) [Athlone]
US774 Precision Engineering [Limerick]
US775 Road Transport Technology and Management [Limerick]
US776 Automation and Robotics [Athlone]
US777 Mechanical and Polymer Engineering [Athlone]
US780 Early Years Care and Education [Athlone]
US781 Social Care Work [Ennis]
US782 Applied Social Studies in Social Care [Athlone]
US785 Sports Development and Performance [Limerick]
US786 Applied Sports Science with Strength and Conditioning [Thurles]
US787 Business Studies with Sports Management [Limerick]
US788 Exercise and Health Science [Athlone]
US790 Business Studies with Travel and Tourism Management [Limerick]
US791 Business Studies with Event Management [Limerick]
US792 Business Studies with Beauty and Spa Management [Limerick]
US794 Hotel and Leisure Management [Athlone]
US795 Culinary Arts [Limerick]