Stand Up Comedy

Dublin City
Price: € 250
Duration: 5 week course
Part Time and Evening
7 - 9pm

Course description

If you can stand up in front of an audience and make them laugh it means that you can give an amazing presentation. A comedian needs to be able to relax an audience, be liked and be interesting. This is exactly what you need to do in a presentation or an interview. You’ll learn to present yourself well, how to be relaxed on stage, how to develop material and conquer your fears so you can express your own unique sense of humour on stage and make people laugh. You will leave the stage with an amazing natural highandhellip;.. and an inner confidence which will be with you for life.Thsi course is taugh by Comedian, Aidan Killian.
Participants of Stand Up Comedy can expect to:
How to be comfortable on stageAudience rapportHow to make your audience laugh (whether audience is one person or a thousand people).How to lead an audienceHow to relax your audienceHow to be likeable on stageHow to develop materialHow to present yourself with effective movementHow to deal with stage frightStorytellingHow to become a better comedian fasterPersonal psychologyImprovisation, on the spot thinkingTo be in control even when outside your comfort zone.