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Sport Psychology – Diploma training course

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Course description

Modern sporting behaviour is using insights from many different sciences in the search for the "ultimate" performance. As the mental component in sport is such an important factor, psychology is assuming an increasingly important role in this field.

You will discover that Sport Psychology will open up new horizons of pleasure and satisfaction on your own particular sporting activity. Sport Psychology aims to provide participants with the most up to date information on how psychology is currently impacting on all areas of modern sport.

It is a private home study course and will include many learning exercises, individual profiling and case- studies on the key characteristics which every successful sports person has in common. It can be highly recommended to players of any sport and to parents, teachers and coaches. The college Diploma is awarded on the successful completion of the course.

Course Contents

* Unit 1: The evolution of sport psychology

* Unit 2: A healthy mind in a healthy body

* Unit 3: The psychology of winning

* Unit 4: The importance of play

* Unit 5: Skilled performance; the defining aspect

* Unit 6: A champion personality

* Unit 7: The coaching process

* Unit 8: Applying psychology in your sport

* Unit 9: The audience effects in sport

* Unit 10: Sport psychology in action

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