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Child Psychology – Diploma course

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12 months
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Course description

This Child Psychology distance learning course will help give you the skills that will enable you to help a child reach its true potential and will provide you with an insight into the development of children.

The course will also help you to understand how our behaviour can affect a child, which should in turn make you a better, more caring and effective parent or childminder. Some understanding of the development process in children is vital for satisfactory relationships to grow.

Course Contents:

– Unit 1: How to start the course

– Unit 2: Only crazies study psychology…?

– Unit 3: Is child psychology relevant to me?

– Unit 4: Child psychology in general

– Unit 5: Starting off…..

– Unit 6: Children growing up

– Unit 7: More about personality

– Unit 8: When is a problem really a problem?

– Unit 9: Physical Illness in Children

– Unit 10: Help! I've got a problem!

– Unit 11: Looking back to go ahead

– Unit 12: Putting it all together

Modern psychological research has provided us with a wealth of practical information relevant to child rearing. By understanding how this knowledge can be applied to children in your care, you can provide the best possible environment for their balanced growth and development.

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