Chevron CollegeQQI Child Development Module 5N1764

QQI Child Development Module 5N1764

Chevron College
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2 months
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Course description

The purpose of the Child Development module is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence relevant to the theory and practice of child development and learning within early childhood care and education settings (ECCE).


Learning Outcomes

Explain the holistic development of the child to include physical, cognitive, language, social, emotional, moral, spiritual, creative and cultural development

Describe a range of theories of child development and learning to include Piaget, Chomsky, Erikson, Bowlby, Ainsworth, Pavlov, Skinner

Describe the influence of family, social, cultural and environmental factors on child development and learning

Identify the benefits of play to the child’s holistic development and learning mindful of diversity, inclusion and equality of opportunity

Describe the contribution of the practitioner/parent/guardian to the development and learning of children in the home and in the ECCE setting

Apply theoretical principles of child development in the ECCE setting

Document children’s developmental progress against normative milestones of development

Carry out observations in support of programme planning for individual children and groups

Recommend suitable play activities to promote holistic development and learning

Evaluate own role and practice in supporting the development and learning of the child


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