Dunboyne College of Further EducationPre-University Business QQI Level 5

Pre-University Business QQI Level 5

1 Year Full Time Course
Further Education and PLC, Level 5 QQI
Academic year Sept 2023 - May 2024

Course description

Pre-University Business

Business Studies 5M2102

This one-year course is an ideal entry level qualification for all aspects of the business world. There is a large demand for people with business skills in the world of work. This course also gives students an opportunity to study the area of sales and marketing and progress directly to employment or third level. Marketing is a specialised area within the business world that could lead to a long and rewarding career. These qualifications can be used to progress to certificate and degree programmes in Technological Universities or universities. There are QQI Level 6 Certificate available in this area.

• Marketing Practice • Communications • Accounting (Manual and Computerised) • Business Administration Skills • Work Experience • Word Processing • Applied Economics • Mathematics • Language option • Taxation • Start Your Own Business

QQI Level 5 in Business Studies 5M2102 or 5M0828


Graduates may pursue a degree in many Universities or Technological Universities around the country or, alternatively, may seek immediate employment in a range of business or marketing concerns. There is now a large range of certificates, ordinary and honours degree courses available to graduates on the newly expanded QQI Links Programme. The Pre-University Business option will allow students to progress to third level colleges and universities like Maynooth University, TCD, UCD, NCI, Technologicial University of the Shannon, TUD-Blanchardstown/City Campus/ Tallaght, DCU, Dundalk Institute of Technology. Business Graduates can also apply for entry on the over 175 places in First Arts in Maynooth University reserved for QQI entrants.


DCU: DC111 Business (Level 8, 3-4 Years) TCD: TR081 BESS – Business, Economics & Social Studies Level 8, 4 Years) Maynooth: MH404 Business (Level 8, 3-4 Years) UCD: DN650 Commerce (Level 8, 3-4 Years) DCU: DC240 Marketing Innovation and Technology (MINT) (Level 8, 4 Years) DCU: DC110 International Business (Level 8, 4 Years) DCU: DC112/113/114/116 Global Business (Level 8, 4 Years) DCU: DC240 Marketing Innovation & Technology (Level 8, 4 Years) TUD – City Campus: TU903 Business and Management (Level 8, 4 years) NCI: NC009 Business (Level 8, 3 years) TUD – Blanchardstown: TU902 Business (Level 8, 4 Years) Maynooth: Business & Sports Science (Level 8, 4 Years) Maynooth: MH101 Arts (Level 8, 4 years)

• Leaving Cert or LCA
• Mature students of all backgrounds
• Other equivalent qualification
All applicants will be interviewed
regardless of previous qualifications.

Apply directly at www.dunboynecollege.ie

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