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PFS Fitness Nutrition Advisor

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Course description

The PFS Nutrition Advisor course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of nutrition. It covers essential areas, including nutrients and the digestive system, weight control and management, and diets for various populations.

This course presents a significant opportunity to enhance the services you offer as a trainer. By gaining a deep understanding of these components, you’ll be equipped to advise your clients on how to achieve remarkable results. Students will learn to offer guidance on dietary adjustments that can lead to small but impactful changes in body weight and composition.

Please note that this course does not qualify students to provide advice to clients with underlying medical conditions or obesity; such guidance should be sought from a fully qualified dietitian.

Whether you aspire to be a well-rounded personal trainer or have a keen interest in nutrition, the PFS Nutrition Advisor certification is a must-have to acquire the full scope of knowledge needed for success.

Course Schedule

The Nutrition Advisor course comprises of four modules:

Module 1 Nutrition Introduction: This fully online module includes five videos that have been recorded:

PFS Nutrition Introduction (25:57 min)
PFS Nutrition Introduction Nutrients (8:33 min)
PFS Nutrition Introduction Dietary Fats (20:56 min)
PFS Nutrition Introduction Carbohydrates (23:01 min)
PFS Nutrition Introduction Protein (20:29 min)

Upon completion, students take a short test, and those who pass receive a certification.

Module 2: PFS Fitness Supplementation®

Module 3: PFS Weight Management®

Module 4: PFS Nutrition for Specific Groups®

Modules 2, 3, and 4 are conducted live online with the Nutrition Advisor Tutor.


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