Kilroys College Online LearningPC Repair and Upgrading – Diploma training course

PC Repair and Upgrading – Diploma training course

€ 595
12 months
Online Courses - Distance Learning
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Start date: Continuous Intake

Course description

A Kilroy's College home study course is the perfect way to learn the skills you need to get ahead. Just imagine the world of opportunity that could open up for you if you could repair, maintain and upgrade the latest home and business computers.

Now as an added bonus you can submit your coursework to the college online. In the online campus you can virtually reach out and touch your fellow students by communicating through the discussion forums.

Our PC Repair and Upgrading course gives you the skills you'll need to start a career working for an established computer repair business or maybe to open your own business.

This comprehensive and practical course will give you the skills you need to take care of upgrading, repairing and protecting PC. The study units will teach you how to locate and repair faults in PC systems, irrespective of the type or manufacturer. All you need is a working knowledge of Windows and access to an IBM compatible computer (a PC). We'll provide everything else – including all the tools you need. You will receive a tool kit with more than 20 pieces that you can store in the folding case provided, a Digital Multimeter, an Antistatic Strap and "Your complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide textbook".

This course is full of practical advice and easy to follow techniques. You'll even be able to start doing simple repairs while you are still learning.

Course Contents

* Unit 1: PC Basic Knowledge

* Unit 2: PC Components

* Unit 3: Symbols, Terminology, Ports and Cables

* Unit 4: Working with Modules

* Unit 5: Configuration Techniques and Software Solutions

* Unit 6: Installation Procedures

* Unit 7: Working with Printers, Scanners and Modem

* Unit 8: Prevention, Maintenance and Viruses

* Unit 9: Networking

* Unit 10: Using Multimeters and Tools

* Unit 11: Practical Troubleshooting

* Unit 12: Portable Computing

* Unit 13: Hard Disc Theory and Practise

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