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The objective of TPmobility®program is to release or soften muscle knots to reduce pain and associated pain. This release happens by applying various levels of pressure to muscle knots and then mobilising & stretching the affected areas through a complete range of motion.

PFS TPmobility® is designed to be indispensable to everyday training. Adaptation of proper recovery and auto-massage techniques will help achieve better results in sports.

We have developed this programme specifically to allow fitness professionals to clearly explain mobility and flexibility and how it affects training. Not to mention, good joint mobility and muscle flexibility are essential not only in fitness but also in everyday life.

Those who train, generally do not realise how important good mobility really is. For example, a CrossFit /Strength trainer will never lift too much weight over their head if the mobility of the shoulders, the spine, hip joints and knees are not good enough. They will always fight the lack of mobility and therefore, will lose the correct technique.

In the same way, locked shoulders and a stiffened thoracic spine can cause more fatigue in runners due to some of the energy being devoted to arm work where the movement is not as smooth and there is evident resistance.

It is simply a must-have supplement within your existing training routine!

PFS TPmobility® the trigger point programmes gain more and more supporters and followers every year. Fitness clubs’ trainers and athletes can now see the importance of stretching and mobility to improve performance, overall health, and the quality of movement. Active people who participate in sports regularly are aware that this is an inseparable element of training.

myover40® – the missing piece in comprehensive fitness programming and Pain-free Movement!
Pre-designed class plans for the development of Mobility/Flexibility/Stability and Pain Management accessible on qualification.

Learn how to complement and improve every type of fitness training.

During this course, students will learn how to make their training programs most effective, by incorporating elements of mobility, stability, and flexibility training. You will also learn how to treat restricted and painful movement with trigger point therapy.

When it comes to body movement patterns, our joints have varying needs for mobility, stability, and flexibility. To achieve the best possible results, a fitness/health professional should seek to incorporate these elements into all clients’ training programs.

Alternatively, professionals can use the myover40® program in addition to their current treatments/programs to gain better results.

The myover40® program is a ready-made toolkit for therapists and instructors, to give their clients access to unrestricted, pain-free movement patterns.

In a simple comprehensive 60 -minute training your client can improve health, movement, ability, and longevity.

Expand your client base by adding this course to your repertoire.

Improve the potential strength, endurance, and function of your team/client.
Help clients rehabilitate from muscle injuries and strains
Improve coordination and balance
Improve Neuromuscular control and Proprioceptive responses
Reduce injury occurrences of clients/team members.
Improve cognitive function and overall health
Improve Longevity


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