Meetings and Minutes

Course description

This one-day seminar is one of our most popular seminars and is perfect for anyone who is involved in organising meetings and taking notes at thoses meetings.
During the seminar, you will learn how to;

Understand the key elements of a successful meeting
Plan the meeting: purpose of meetings; the role and responsibilities of the minute taker; preparation and procedures; different types of meeting
Formulate an agenda; informal agendas; formal agendas; sample chairperson’s agenda
Develop the role of the minute-taker and work successfully with the chairperson
Increase confidence in your minute-taking abilities by understanding the power of effective document preparation
Increase effectiveness for individuals through better understanding and application of the key responsibilities involved in this job role
Draft and write effective minutes; follow up actions
Electronic meetings; developing a personal action plan.

You will get a workbook with exercises, individual notes and a concise personal action plan to ensure that the skills learnt on this course will be successfully applied in the workplace.
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