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Face-to-face Sales Techniques – Retail Sales

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At the heart of all sales is an inter-personal relationship between an organisation and its customers. All sales are made against this backdrop. Even in this high-tech age of online sales, customers are made or lost on the bases of inter-personal connections. If a customer fails to make a personal connect with an organisation there is very little chance a sale will be made. This is even more important when it comes to face-to-face sales.
In this case the face-to-face sales representative becomes the face of the organisation and the point of contact with a customer. Therefore, if a company wants to be successful in its face-to-face sales its employees need to learn how to sell face-to-face and connect with customers. This course is perfect for anyone engaged in face-to-face sales be that retail, service, hotel/catering industry or the sales rep.
The course is designed to assist participants to gain the skills necessary for face-to-face sales. During this course participants will gain the knowledge of the basics of face-to-face sales, as well as the skills necessary to actively engage in face-to-face sales, handle objections, manage difficult clients professionally, connect with customers and elicit a positive response.
Objectives – To understand the basics of face-to-face sales – To gain the skills necessary to actively engage in face-to-face sales – To gain the skills necessary to manage objections and difficult clients – To gain the skills necessary to connect with customers – To gain the skills necessary to elicit a positive response from a client
Content: – An Introduction to Face-to-face Sales – The Basics of Face-to-face Sales – Modern Professional Etiquette and Mannerism – Knowing Your Product – Knowing Your Client – Knowing Yourself – Self Management and the Primary Tool for Face-to-face Sales – The Sales Process – Sales Communication – Connection as the Basis of Sales – The Role of the Will and Desire – Basic Motivational Techniques – Managing Objectives – Handling Difficult Clients – Closing the Sale – General Tools, and Techniques to Improve Face-to-face Sales
Certification:Participants receive the Griffin College Certificate in Face-To-Face Sales Techniques.

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