Institute of Public AdministrationManaging Your Personal Safety At Work

Managing Your Personal Safety At Work

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Three Hour Online Workshop
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Course description

Physical violence and verbal abuse are acknowledged workplace problems which can have significant negative consequences for employers and employee health. Although instances of verbal abuse and threats to personal safety are common in many workplaces, incidents of physical attacks are quite rare.

The aim of the Managing your Personal Safety at Work workshop, is to provide line managers and staff with an awareness of the legal and organisational requirements involved in maintaining the personal safety of employees at work. Equally we aim to provide participants with practical guidance on how to minimise the risk to their personal safety and; to outline the organisational supports available to employees in the event of an accident or injury being sustained.

Workshop Content

During the Managing your Personal Safety at Work workshop the focus will be on:

  • Understanding Health & Safety requirements for the employer and employee;
  • Identifying threats in the workplace;
  • Techniques and strategies for dealing with aggressive and violent behaviour;
  • Techniques and strategies for lone workers;
  • Support and services for employees after an incident.

This online workshop will be delivered over one three hour session.  It will be delivered remotely and facilitated by subject matter experts.

This online workshop will be offered on the following dates:

  • 24 July 2023

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