LY 527 – Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering

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Duration: 3 Years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

CAO CODE: LY527 Civil Engineering is concerned with most of the infrastructure that contributes to modern civilisation. Civil Engineers are involved with the planning, design and construction of facilities for living, industry and transport. This would include structures such as dams, bridges, roads, tunnels, railways, airports, harbours and large buildings, and public services such as sewerage and water supply facilities. Civil Engineers are increasingly concerned with tackling environmental problems relating to air, ground and water pollution. This programme is designed to provide a broad based technician level training in the field of Civil Engineering. Your studies will include: construction technology, civil engineering methods of construction, land surveying, drawing up of site maps showing various ground levels, scientific principles relating to fluids such as water, study of soil types and characteristics and their significance in the design of road and structural foundations, design of sewerage systems and sewerage treatment works, building site management and administration, drawing and analysis of steel and concrete structures with the aid of computer systems, laboratory testing of materials to assess whether they conform to strength requirements, etc.