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ILM Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring

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This comprehensive ILM Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring course is the latest updated coaching qualification from ILM. It is designed for managers or those with significant responsibility for effective coaching and mentoring as part of their daily role within an organisational context. It is also suited to individuals who wish to move into a development role or start a career as a freelance coach or mentor.

Students will learn: (1) The principles of coaching / mentoring, (2) how to make a business case for coaching / mentoring, (3) the coaching / mentoring process (4) Coaching/mentoring skills, and (5) Recordkeeping, supervision and reflection.

By choosing to study this ILM Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring with CMIT, Students have 24×7 access to CMIT eLearning for the duration of the course. This includes a comprehensive Course Manual, Video, Quizzes and personalised Tutor Support. The course documentation for this course is detailed and easy to read. You will also be able to upload assessments online and receive online feedback. You can use the eLearning system from any computer that has internet access.
Who should complete this ILM Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring course?

  • Existing Managers and Supervisors: This course is ideal for current managers and supervisors who are looking to gain a formal, accredited qualification in Coaching and Mentoring. It’s beneficial for those in leadership roles who are responsible for the development and growth of their team members.
  • Managers with Direct Reports: Business managers who oversee direct reports and are keen to learn best-practice techniques in coaching will find this course valuable. It equips them with the skills to effectively mentor and develop their team members.
  • Professionals in Organisational Coaching and Mentoring: Individuals who already have responsibilities related to coaching and mentoring within an organisational context can deepen their understanding and enhance their skills through this course.
  • Career Developers and Freelance Coaches: For those considering a transition into a developmental role or aspiring to start a career as a freelance coach or mentor, this course provides the foundational knowledge and skills required in these areas.
  • Individuals Seeking Personal and Professional Growth: People who are looking to improve their coaching and mentoring skills for personal development or to add value in their professional role will benefit from the comprehensive learning modules of this course.

Entry Requirements / Prerequisites

  • Candidates will normally be practising managers/supervisor or have responsibility for coaching / mentoring employees.
  • Level 5 (Ireland) certificate or equivalent qualification and/or relevant life and work experience.
  • Candidates must be fluent in English with excellent written English Skills in order to achieve the assessment criteria. Queries on the standard required can be directed to the college.
  • The assessments require candidates to plan, develop and deliver 6 hours of coaching to three individuals (18 hours of coaching in total). Candidates must have access to an organisation where they can complete this (this can be in a voluntary setting).
  • Candidates will be required to record (voice only) one of the sessions delivered and must have their client’s permission to complete this.
  • As this programme is delivered through distance learning, students must be capable of studying on their own initiative.
  • Basic working knowledge of computers and access to a computer with internet access is required to do the course.
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Topics covered in this ILM Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring course
Unit 1: Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Types of coaching/mentoring
  • The benefits and usefulness of coaching/mentoring to employees

Unit 2: The business case for coaching / mentoring

  • Organisation culture
  • The benefits and usefulness of coaching/mentoring to organisations
  • Setting targets for, and evaluating, coaching/mentoring programmes
  • Barriers to coaching/mentoring

Unit 3: The coaching/mentoring process (TGROW)

  • Theme
  • Goals
  • Reality
  • Options
  • Will

Unit 4: Coaching/mentoring skills

  • Listening
  • Questioning
  • Values and beliefs
  • Building relationships
  • Building self-esteem
  • Feedback
  • Empowering coaches
  • Ethics and standards

Unit 5: Recordkeeping, supervision and reflection

  • Preparing for coaching
  • Contracting in coaching
  • Supervision and self-reflection
  • Templates


  • This course is assessed through Assessments. This includes developing a coaching programme, undertaking coaching, and reflecting upon this (candidates are required to complete 6 hours of coaching with 3 individuals – 18 hours in total).
  • All work submitted must be your own work. There is no exam for this course.
  • As part of our quality assurance, learner assessment work will be marked by an Internal Assessor, then checked by an Internal Verifier and an External Verifier.

Transfer and Progression to Further Studies

  • Learners who successfully complete this programme may build on the units achieved towards another recognised ILM qualification.

ILM Membership

  • All registered candidates automatically become studying members of the ILM for 6 months, free of charge, and can enjoy a range of member benefits.


  • CMIT is registered and approved with ILM to offer programmes leading to ILM qualifications.
  • UK: Following successful completion of this course, you will receive an ILM Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring (Level 5 UK) from the Institute of Leadership and Management. This qualification is on the UK Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF).
  • Ireland: This qualification is comparable to an award at level 6 on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). The basis for this comparison is detailed in the following guide: Qualifications can cross boundaries – a guide to comparing qualifications in the UK and Ireland.
  • Europe: This qualification is fully recognised as the equivalent of a Level 5 on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

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