GA 780 – Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Applied Freshwater and Marine Biology

Galway City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

CAO CODE: GA780 What is this course about? You will be studying a range of subjects from Marine Biology research at home and abroad (e.g. Spain or Portugal) to Environmental Management and Biodiversity/Conservation. This course focuses on Freshwater and Marine Ecology which is the study of the biological, chemical and physical processes and their interactions, which take place in Ireland’s aquatic environments. Galway is an ideal location in which to study Aquatic Ecology, since it is located between Lough Corrib, Galway Bay, Connemara and the Burren. The successful and sustainable development of limited but, in many cases, renewable resources in the face of the rapidly expanding population and developing economy is a consistent theme throughout the course. Graduates learn about the relevant ecological processes and gain an understanding of how they should be managed in a responsible and beneficial manner and the legal framework which seeks to protect them from undue exploitation. Members of the biology staff are actively engaged in research projects within the Commercial Fisheries Research Group and the Molecular Ecology Research Group and act as consultants to a variety of academic, scientific and industrial bodies. There is also a large postgraduate group where students are engaged on MSc and PhD courses.