GA 776 – Bachelor of Science in Business Computing and Digital Media

Galway City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

CAO CODE: GA776 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BUSINESS COMPUTING AND DIGITAL MEDIA Why Study Business Computing and Digital Media? You are interested in how computers work and what they can do. This course provides you with the foundations for many careers in computing in diverse, modern commercial environments. It covers a wide range of activity from everyday business computer skills to advanced database and multimedia development and manipulation. The course has a heavy practical element and the graduate will be trained in the provision of computerised solutions using a wide range of methods. Students work individually and in groups, on a variety of projects and acquire the techniques involved in system/solution production, development and deployment What subjects will I study? Digital Media Development and Deployment, methods and techniques, Basic Mathematics for Computing, Computer Technology and Business Applications. IT Training and Software Development techniques. Business Administration, Communication, and Accountancy as well as Marketing and Enterprise Development Electives are offered in European Languages, Digital Photography, Computer Forensics and digital investigations. Applied Modelling and Simulation, and Legal and Ethical Issues. What career opportunities will I have? There has been an enormous expansion in opportunities in computing in recent years. The proliferation of Digital media products offers many opportunities for those with the right technical and creative skills. There are also many opportunities in IT training and support and with the ever increasing expansion of the internet there is a constant need for implementers of stand-alone and networked solutions What follow-on study opportunities are available? One year add-on Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Information Technology for Business at GMIT. Honours Degree courses at other Institutes of Technology and Universities in Ireland and the UK. What else do I need to know? Individual and group project work are fundamental to the course, as is network computing and data base management systems.