GA 670 – Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

Galway City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

CAO CODE: GA670 Mechanical engineering is about putting ideas into action. It is about inventing, designing, developing, manufacturing and maintaining products, equipment and machinery of all kinds. Mechanical engineers use their knowledge of materials, mechanisms, power, energy and manufacturing technology to produce specifications for their designs and to see those designs become a reality. They also build and test prototypes of their products in order to prove their designs. Mechanical engineers also have a key role to play in energy utilisation and management recognising their responsibility to the environment and society at large. This add-on Level 7 degree will educate and train skilled personnel in the area of mechanical engineering, management, control and maintenance as applied to industrial settings. It will equip you to work as an independent thinker and to work effectively with others, recognising the importance of continuing education and self-directed learning. As a graduate, you will have the capability to critically appraise mechanical engineering systems, to identify areas of potential improvement, to bring about corrective action and where applicable, to suggest and implement an alternative solution. You will also study and work to high ethical standards with regard to the engineering profession and environment.