CW 427 – B.Eng in Civil Engineering

Price: -
Duration: 3 Years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

The importance of the Civil Engineering and construction generally is highlighted almost every week in the media. An annual turnover of Eur30 billion is the current estimate with the top 50 companies in the Civil and Construction business in Ireland accounting for approximately Eur9 billion turnover.
Civil Engineering as a profession provides much of the infrastructure and essential services on which we depend for survival. Roads, railways, water supply, waste disposal, as well as the buildings we live in and the offices we work in, are all provided by Civil Engineers and Technologists, working in conjunction with Architects and other engineering disciplines such as Mechanical and Electrical.
Maintenance of the already extensive infrastructure and upgrading of our railway network should maintain the high employment levels for the foreseeable future. Graduates in Civil Engineering provide an essential service to this on-going developmen.