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10 Weeks Starts Thursday 10th February 2021
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Course description

The CSI Crime Scene Investigation Diploma course is Ireland’s longest running course in crime scene examination. Delivered by retired members of An Garda Siochan CSI teams.

Held one night per week over 3 months, from CMI School in Dublin 2, it is the most practical ‘hands on’ CSI course in Ireland. The programme has been endorsed by the world reknowned Chartered Institute of Forensic Sciences (UK) and leads to further progression to an Advanced Diploma.

The CSI course examines the various aspects of forensic investigation from the collection of evidence at the crime scene. Various types of physical evidence of a crime is examined such as blood, fibres and fingerprints. You will learn the steps involved in Crime Scene investigation and examination and recovery of trace evidence.

Course Aims

The CSI Crime Scene course examines all types of evidence:

1. Understand Forensic Science and identify physical evidence of a crime such as blood, fibres and fingerprints.
2. Learn the steps involved in Crime Scene examination and recovery of trace evidence.
3. Identify impressions as Evidence: Toolmarks, Footwear, Firearms and Fingerprints.
4. Identification of Body fluids, Confirmatory tests, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA).
5. Explore DNA sampling and DNA profiling.
6. Outline examination of Questioned Documents.
7. Forensic Pathology and Human Identification and Death of victims.
8. Crime scene Kits and their application.

You will learn how to approach the crime scene, package the evidence and the documentation required. You will learn crime scene investigation methods including examining trace evidence. Learn from retired senior Crime scene examiners who worked with An Garda Siochana.

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