CSI and Criminology Diploma

Dublin City
Price: € 980.00
Duration: 3 Months - Starts 10th October
Part Time and Evening

Course description

CSI and Criminology Course Overview


The Diploma in CSI and Criminology provides you with a comprehensive insight into the process of crime scene investigation and the study of criminology. It is a fascinating course that is divided into the study of Crime Scene Investigation which involves the processing of crimes and the study of criminal law, Criminology. CMI is the first educational institute in Ireland to offer an Advanced Diploma in CSI and Forensic Science  which is endorsed by the world reknown Chartered Society of Forensic Science (UK).

Areas covered include Crime Detection and investigation, forensic investigation techniques, forensic science and DNA, profiling and the criminal justice system. Two key areas are delivered by two highly qualified distinguished lecturers who specialise in the areas of ; Criminology, Crime Scene Investigation.  On the lecturing team is a Barrister attached to the Criminal Courts and the Head of a Crime scene unit for An Garda Siochana.

CSI Criminology Course Aims

The Criminology part of the course examines the Criminal Justice system, criminal courts, offences against the person, criminal law and various types of crimes.


The Forensic Investigation part of the course examines the traces left behind from crime scenes and the clues and evidence which can be examined. This is a fascinating area and looks at fingerprints, blood samples, the role of DNA, photographic evidence, firearms and residue.


Crime Scene Investigation – Learning Outcomes

Learners will be able to: 

1.  Understand Forensic Science and identify physical evidence of a crime such as Blood, fibres, fingerprints
2. Learn the steps involved in Crime Scene examination and recovery of trace evidence
3. Identify impressions as Evidence: Toolmarks, Footwear, Firearms and Fingerprints.
4. Identification of Body fluids, Confirmatory tests, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA)
5. Explore DNA sampling and DNA profiling 
6. Outline examination of Questioned Documents
7. Forensic Pathology and Human Identification; Death of victims
8. CSI Kits and their application


Criminology  – Learning Outcomes

1.  Learn the definitions of a crime, criminology and what does it involve, role of criminologist.
2.  Understand penology and different theories of criminology 
3.  Outline the structure of the Criminal Justice System
4.  Understand the link between drug use and crime
5.  Examine sentencing and imprisonment
6.  Study of Gender and Crime; Feminist criminologist theory; Strain, Control and Biological theory 
7.  Methods of recording crime, CSO and Media Statistics
8.  The Criminal Justice Act 1984 and The Criminal Assets Bureau Act 1996
9.  Modern day phenomenon of white collar crime

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