Criminal Forensic Psychology Diploma

Dublin City
Price: € 750.00
Duration: 10 weeks - 8th October
Part Time and Evening

Course description

Forensic Psychology


This 10 week course is designed for anyone interested in the psychology of crime.  The focus is on the relationship between law and psychology, the criminal justice system, mental illness and criminal conduct.  The course introduces students to fundamental principles involved in research and practice within Forensic Psychology. Students are introduced to the structure of the criminal justice system in Ireland, the history of crime and disorder in Ireland, the role of the Gardaí in detection and prevention of crime.  Students also assess the Psychological factors involved in eye-witness testimony and false memories are researched with reference to case studies.  The nature of criminal behaviour is explored and the victimology of crime is described.



Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore investigative psychology, criminal profiling, scene analysis, and racial profiling.
  • Explain role of forensic psychologists.
  • Explain geographical profiling, and geographical mapping.
  • Explain competencies of criminal suspects and risk assessment instruments.
  • Determine psychological competence and differences in delinquencies.
  • Investigate features of psychopaths and controversy over labelling offenders.
  • Discuss mass murders and categories, plus, rape and associated demographics.

§  Understand the psychological factors which impact upon eye-witness testimony.

  • Understand how criminal psychology can be useful to criminal investigations.
  • Investigate the types of offenders including male and female sex offenders.
  • Recognise how forensic psychology can be assist criminals after conviction.

§  Understand developmental risk factors related to criminal behaviour.

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