Malahide Community School, Adult EducationCookery for Men

Cookery for Men

North Dublin County
€ 140
10 weeks
Part Time and Evening
Thursday 7.30 - 9.30pm

Course description

Course Description:

Many recipes sound complicated, simply because the name sounds fancy or unfamiliar.
This course will provide you practical advice enabling you to learn a range of basic cooking skills, allowing you to produce tasty and healthy dishes from scratch. You will develop confidence through hands on guidance and demonstration. By the end you will be well capable of cooking delicious meals, surprising yourself with the ability to impress family and friends with your cuisine. Work as an individual or team up with someone, what works best for you ?

Recipes for each class:

  1. Italian meatballs with spaghetti and a tomato mascarpone sauce.
    Simple Italian flavors.
  2. Turkish grilled chicken skewers, flat bread, salad, and tzatziki.
    Marinating techniques, using familiar spices, and learning about some you may not have heard of before.
  3. Nutella Cookie Cups.
    Your partner or kids will love you for this one.
  4. Rustic winter minestrone soup.
    A classic, hearty and healthy.
  5. White Soda Bread / Scones.
    Simplicity and tasty at its best.
  6. Bobotie
    A South African mildly spiced lamb or beef mince dish with dried fruit and flaked almonds. Sound odd but you will be surprised at how good it is.
  7. Poulet à la Moutarde (Chicken Dijon) with rice
    A French classic. A dish for any time of the year
  8. Classic Apple Crumble.
    Another classic, you can go wrong, so easy and delicious.
  9. Tamil black pepper chicken curry with pilau rice.
    One of my favourites I should make more often. A curry from Maunika Gowardhan, “Tamil style cooking with depth and immense flavour.”
  10. Thai Seafood Laksa.
    A noodle soup originating in southeast Asia, inspired by favours of Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Course Day & Time: Thursday 7.30 – 9.30pm

Cost: €140 Note: Course fee includes all ingredients for each night of the course

Course Format: In class with tutor

Duration: 10 weeks – Maximum of 10 students in class

Enrolment: Online – Click on the Enrol here with Easypayments. Enrolment will open on the 1st of December at 10am.

Tutor: Roland Lambe

When I left school I worked in the travel business and it was from there my interest in food grew. After 8 year, despite enjoying the work, I packed it in to train as a chef. At my first interview, the owner of the restaurant asked me if was I mad leaving an office job to work the hours in hospitality, to which I replied, possibly.  Despite never working in a kitchen and with no prior training he gave me a start and I never looked back.

Fast forward 15 years, I went back to college, achieved a BSc. (Hons) 1st in Culinary Arts Management and then a PG in Further Education. I have been teaching both adults and young people for 12 years, from QQI Level 3 Cookery up to Level 6 Professional Cookery / Culinary Arts.

I maybe a qualified chef and teacher but I’m still learning and get great enjoyment out of trying new cuisines and recipes. Although the recipes in this class sound fancy or complicated, they are not and you will settle right in. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, but teamwork and with hands on participation from myself,  you may even surprise yourself how adept you are. I look forward to cooking with you, hearing and discussing your ideas, culinary experiences and take on the different recipes we will be cooking.

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