Certificate/Higher Certificate/BA in Applied Management

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Price: € 2032/2640/3160
Duration: One/Two/Three Years
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Schedule: 31/08/2018

Course description

The BA in Applied Management (NonProfit/Human Services) is a QQI accredited (Level 7) 3-year degree programme created by, and for people working in the human services and non-profit sector. It provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to manage for the good of:

â—¾Services users
â—¾The organisation, and
â—¾People who work with it

In so doing, they become advocates for change and key influence makers capable of initiating, leading and delivering change that will result in empowerment and improved, quality service provision.


Successful completion of Year One will lead to a Certificate in Applied Management (Non-Profit/Human Services). This is a QQI approved Award (7M15631) at Level 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

Successful completion of Year Two of the programme will lead to a Higher Certificate in Arts in Applied Management. This is a QQI approved Award (7M15633) at Level 6 on the NFQ.

Successful completion of Year Three will lead to a BA in Applied Management degree. This is a QQI accredited Major Award (7M15634) at Level 7 on the NFQ.


It is an applied programme addressing real world challenges. The course materials deal with management issues specific to human services and the nonprofit sector. That makes it much easier to apply what you learn. Similarly, our assignments tackle issues that you are likely to face in the workplace. While undertaking them you will have access to our expert tutors and a community of people who are almost certainly trying to deal with the same issues. As such, successfully completing the course will provide you with a unique opportunity to address real world challenges and improve the quality of service your organisation delivers.

Course Content – Year 1: Certificate in Applied Management

First year provides a grounding in general management theory and practice and how it applies to the human services and non-profit sector. You will also have the opportunity to acquire and develop the core skills required to effectively perform a first line management role. During it you will:

â—¾Examine the principles and practices of first line management
â—¾Explore Person Centred Human Services as a management issue
â—¾Begin developing practical management skills including: communication skills, team building, conflict management and motivation
â—¾Be introduced to the legislative and policy environment in which human service and non-profits operate
â—¾Start looking at the financial management of sector-specific organisations


â—¾Principles of First Line Management
â—¾Professional Development and Ethics
â—¾Key Management Skills – Teamwork, Leadership and Communications

â—¾An Introduction to Employment Law
â—¾An Introduction to Not for Profit Finance and Economics
â—¾Managing Service Quality

Course Content – Year 2: Higher Certificate in Applied Management

During the second year you will develop your practical skills and competencies while exploring in greater detail, the fundamental management issues driving the sector. You will:

â—¾Learn to lead a human services or non-profit team
â—¾Explore change and empowerment as management issues
â—¾Examine Human Resource Management (HRM) and the legislative, operational and organisational context in which it operates in a human services and non-profit organisation
â—¾Develop advanced management competencies including: engaging in ‘critical thinking’, developing ‘emotional intelligence’ and utilising ‘action learning’
â—¾Investigate how organisational factors determine your ability to perform your management role
â—¾Examine in greater detail the financial management requirements, challenges and issues animating the operation of organisations in he human services and non-profit sector


â—¾Managing the Organisational Culture and Objectives
â—¾Resource and Financial Management
â—¾Creative Problem Solving and Action Learning

â—¾Human Resource Management
â—¾Leadership and Change Management

Course Content – Year 3: BA in Applied Management

The final year provides the opportunity to enhance your research, analytic and advanced management skills to become an effective leader, one capable of achieving measurable change leading to improved quality of service provision. You will learn to:

â—¾Understand the political and legislative context in which human services and non-profit organisations operate
â—¾Critically analyse the current state of your organisation and map out potential futures for your organisation
â—¾Understand and resolve conflict within your organisation
â—¾Undertake project management to achieve change that tangibly improves the quality of service your organisation delivers
â—¾Design, deliver and oversee an individualised service informed by best practice and committed to quality


â—¾Project Management
â—¾Social Policy and Administration
â—¾Conflict Resolution and Mediation

â—¾Leading within the Learning Organisation
â—¾Managing the Individualised Service

What are the Course Entry Requirements?

Applicants must be  23 years at time of application OR have successfully completed the Leaving Certificate/QQI/FETAC Level 5 Certificate. Applicants are expected to be currently working in the human services, community or not for profit sector and need to be able to apply their learning to an appropriate work setting. International applicants must provide appropriate documentary evidence of proficiency in English (i.e. IELTS 6.0).

How to Apply?

Applications for this course are accepted through the OTC online application centre at opentrainingcollege.com. To apply, you will need to:

â—¾Satisfy the entry requirements for the programme
â—¾Provide a range of documents to support your application
â—¾Submit a personal statement explaining why you want to apply

To apply or to enquire for more information please contact Conor via the enquiry form on this website.

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