CAO Courses at Sligo IT

CAO Courses at Sligo IT

Third Level and CAO

Course description

Ordinary Bachelor Degrees/Higher Certificates – Level 6/Level 7

  • SG101 Business
  • SG102 Computing (Level 6 – General Entry)
  • SG105 Business in Office Administration
  • SG108 Business in Accounting
  • SG131 Computing – Games Development
  • SG134 Applied Sport with Business
  • SG135 Business in Tourism with Event Management
  • SG136 Computing – Software Development
  • SG137 Computing (Computer Networks and Cloud Infrastructure)
  • SG138 Computing (Level 7 – General Entry)
  • SG231 Fine Art  (Restricted)
  • SG232 Creative Design
  • SG235 Performing Arts (Theatre Design)
  • SG236 Performing Arts (Acting)
  • SG300 Engineering (General Entry)
  • SG302 Construction Economics
  • SG308 Applied Construction Technology
  • SG330 Engineering (General Entry)
  • SG331 Interior Architecture and Design
  • SG332 Advanced Wood and Sustainable Building Technology
  • SG333 Mechanical Engineering
  • SG334 Mechatronic Engineering
  • SG336 Precision Engineering and Design
  • SG337 Electronic and Computer Engineering
  • SG338 Civil Engineering
  • SG339 Quantity Surveying
  • SG401 Science
  • SG403 Applied Archaeology
  • SG404 Environmental Science with Ecology (Level 6)
  • SG405 Sustainable Food Production
  • SG406 Health and Exercise Science
  • SG430 Agri-Food Science
  • SG431 Pharmaceutical Science with Drug Development
  • SG433 Occupational Safety and Health
  • SG434 Human Nutrition
  • SG435 Health Science and Physiology
  • SG436 Biomedical Science
  • SG437 Forensic Investigation and Analysis
  • SG438 Applied Archaeology
  • SG439 Environmental Science with Ecology (Level 7)
  • SG535 Business Administration
  • SG536 Business
  • SG537 Marketing and Sales

Honours Bachelor Degrees – Level 8

  • SG141 Business
  • SG142 Business in International Marketing and Sales with French
  • SG144 Business in International Marketing and Sales with Spanish
  • SG146 Accounting
  • SG147 Sport with Business
  • SG148 Tourism with Event Management
  • SG149 Business in Finance and Investment
  • SG241 Performing Arts
  • SG242 Early Childhood Care and Education
  • SG243 Social Care Practice
  • SG244 Fine Art  (Restricted)
  • SG245 Creative Design
  • SG246 Computing
  • SG247 English and Psychology
  • SG248 Sociology and Politics
  • SG249 Writing and Literature
  • SG250 Application Design and User Experience
  • SG251 Computing (Smart Technologies)
  • SG252 Software Development
  • SG253 Computer Networks and Cloud Infrastructure
  • SG342 Civil Engineering
  • SG343 Quantity Surveying
  • SG346 Construction Project Management and Applied Technology
  • SG347 Architecture
  • SG440 Agri-Food Science
  • SG442 Occupational Safety and Health
  • SG443 Human Nutrition
  • SG444 Science Undenominated
  • SG445 Pharmaceutical Science with Drug Development
  • SG446 Applied Archaeology
  • SG447 Health Science and Physical Activity
  • SG448 Forensic Investigation and Analysis
  • SG449 Medical Biotechnology
  • SG450 Environmental Science with Ecology (Level 8)