Business Administration – Diploma Business Studies course

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Duration: 12 months
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Course description

The objective of this Business Administration distance learning course is to develop your understanding of an organisation enabling you to appreciate the impacts of the factors which may effect a business organisation.

You will learn about understanding the financial aspects of business administration and appreciate the functions of human resources, within a business organisation. You will learn about the administrative duties used in organising meetings and how to process documentation in relation to Sales, Purchases, Stock Control and Insurance.

Business Administration online. Kilroy's College offers an online facility for delivery of this course. Students can upload assignments, perform online assessments and use online discussion forums to interact with both students and tutors. The key areas studied in this course are understanding the structure of an organisation, its financial aspects including Finance, Money, Banking and Foreign Exchange. The functions of human resources, how to prepare for meetings and the processing of business documents.

Course Contents

– Unit 1 The Organisation

– Unit 2 Finance, Money, Banking and Foreign Exchange

– Unit 3 Human Resources

– Unit 4 Preparing for Meetings

– Unit 5 Processing Business Documents

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