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Bouncing Back After Cancer

North Dublin County
€ 50
4 weeks
Part Time and Evening
Monday 7.30 - 9.30 pm
Start Date: 16/09/2024

Course description

Course Description:

This unique course is for women who, like me, have come through a cancer journey.

Even for those of us who have been lucky enough to have had an early stage diagnosis it will still have been a challenging stressful time. It’s very apt that a cancer experience is referred to as ‘an emotional rollercoaster’ because that’s exactly what it is.

Among the physical turmoil we may experience from surgery and treatment there can also be a loss of our self confidence with ongoing feelings of anxiety and worry.

The thing about our feelings is that we simply cannot ‘UNFEEL’ them no more than we can unsee something.

Unresolved emotional upset, specifically when it’s out of our control, can impact our quality of life and both our mental and physical health, but there’s much we can learn to become more aware and to manage it positively.

In my personal experience I found it difficult to just move on. I could not just bounce back into my life after my cancer as if nothing had happened. I Could not go back and was not  quite sure how to go forward. .I am very lucky and I was (and still am) so grateful to have the chance of a healthy happy life ahead. However as a therapist with a special interest in healing,  I am acutely aware of the importance of supporting women to live a life we love after cancer.

This is not a course about cancer. This is for us women who want to move on with our best foot forward into a happy peaceful life. It’s about reconciliation, empowerment, inspiration, fulfillment, purpose and how to find it.

This course is all about you – after cancer ❤️

Week 1

The emotional impact of a cancer journey
The importance of healing for everyone involved
Week 2

Grounding and self regulation
Tools and self help techniques
Emotional healing session
Week 3

What’s new
Feel the energy
The purpose of your purpose
Key questions to rediscover passion and purpose – you already have the answers
Week 4

The gift of beginning
The greatest love
Three B’s to the best you can be
Limitless Living

Course Day & Time:  Monday evening  7.30 – 9.30 pm

Start Date:  16/09/24  (16th, 23rd, 30th September & 7th October)

Cost: €50

Course Format: In the classroom with tutor in Malahide Community School

Duration: 4 weeks – Maximum of 12 students in class

Enrolment: You can enrol online through our website by clicking on the Easy Payments Plus button or ringing  01 8460949 . Enrolment opens on Monday the 12th August at 11am

Tutor: Janette McNamara

With a lifetime’s experience as a seasoned course creator, facilitator, and presenter, Janette is a certified adult tutor. Her expertise lies not just in teaching but in recognizing and nurturing unique talents within individuals. Her natural inclination towards creativity makes her an excellent communicator. Her ability to inspire in an entertaining and heartfelt style has made her a moving and popular motivational speaker.

In the world of business Janette  built her own company to a multi million turnover.  She has always been passionate about the ability of humans to achieve extraordinary results when their heart is in the game and over the years she has created several immensely uplifting and empowering courses that have garnered significant success.

In 2022 Janette was diagnosed with breast cancer and her life came to a grinding halt as all of her exciting post Covid plans were put on hold. Following on from study in psychology and counseling she decided to use the additional downtime to add to her skill set. ‘Bouncing back from Cancer’ was born out of her own experiences as she underwent surgery and treatment. She is now also an accredited mind coach, a registered online therapist, and a professional hypnotherapist with a special interest in healing trauma through hypnosis.

Janette has a very personal interest in helping women adjust to life after cancer and offers a special one to one therapy package through her practice.

You can contact her through her Facebook or Instagram pages.


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