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Accounting Fundamentals

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One Day Online Course
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10:00 am - 3:30 pm
Start Date: 10/09/2024

Course description

A robust system of recording transactions is the means by which we can ensure that all financial data is captured and that the final accounts can be relied upon and fully reflect all that has happened in any organisation. Double entry bookkeeping is a widely used system of recording transactions and provides the basis for many IT based accounting systems.

This online course is designed for those who need a working knowledge of the principles of this system. The course will examine in detail the whole bookkeeping process from the beginning of a transaction through to the preparation of a trial balance and will consider journals and corrections. It will also consider how the bookkeeping process sits within an accrual accounting or cash reporting framework.
Course Outcomes
At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Be able to define income, expenditure, asset, liability and capital
  • Have an understanding of the structure and role of the accounting and the financial reporting function
  • Understand the process of recording transactions – ledger accounts, debits and credits and be able to prepare ledger accounts, adjustments and closing balances
  • Understand the difference between balance sheet and income and expenditure accounts
  • Have an appreciation of the bookkeeping system in an IT framework
  • Be able to prepare a trial balance

Course Content
The course will cover the following areas:

  • Framework of Accounting
  • Definitions – Income, expenditure, capital, assets and liability
  • Ledger accounts
  • Double Entry Bookkeeping
  • Trial Balance
  • Accrual Framework
  • Bookkeeping in an IT Framework

This course has been modified for online delivery.  It is an online course that will be delivered over two sessions (am and pm) over one day. It will be remotely delivered through MS Teams and facilitated by subject matter experts.

Scheduled course dates* include:

  • 16 January 2024
  • 11 March 2024
  • 23 April 2024
  • 10 September 2024
  • 15 October 2024

*Dates may be subject to change.

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