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Avionics – Diploma training course

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12 months
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Course description

This course is an ideal first step into the world of aircraft, whether you want to pursue a career in the Airline industry or you want to improve your general knowledge in this fascinating field. If you want to acquire a good basic knowledge of Aircraft electronic equipment and an understanding of Avionic systems, then this is the home study course for you.

When you have completed this course you will have:

– Knowledge of aircraft electronic equipment and systems

– Information skills for interview or any discussion on topics related to and about aircraft electronic systems

– Knowledge of the historical background on how aircraft and avionic technology progressed hand in hand to create the air transport industry we know day

– Knowledge of flight crew operations /responsibilities

– An understanding of external devices mounted on aircraft and their functions

– Fundamentals on how an aircraft flies

– A knowledge of the important relationship between Air Traffic Control (ATC) and aircraft flight crews

Course Contents

– Unit 1: Smart Chips and the Flying Machine

– Unit 2: Talk to me

– Unit 3: Air Traffic Control (ATC)

– Unit 4: The Black Boxes

– Unit 5: Stormy Weather

– Unit 6: Aircraft Navigation Systems

– Unit 7: Careful – High Ground!

– Unit 8: Evasive Action

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