Professional Diploma in Cognitive Robotics

Professional Diploma in Cognitive Robotics

1 Year
Online, Online Courses - Distance Learning

Course description

Award: NFQ Level 9 Minor Award

This UL @ Work Professional Diploma in Cognitive Robotics will introduce students to the foundational principles of robotic systems and the Machine Learning fundamentals that underpin those systems. Students on this Diploma will rapidly advance their knowledge of the state of the art in robot control, locomotion, perception and intervention.

Students will learn about robotic platforms, vehicles & sensors, robot control strategies, robot vision & perception, sensor fusion, robot manipulation as well as human machine interfaces and coordinated strategies for complex robotic challenges that necessitate a ‘system of systems’ approach to design.

The course is specifically designed as a full online (or blended) course, including video lectures and practical challenges to allow students to develop and apply their learning. The course will be of interest to recent ICT, scientific or Engineering graduates who wish to further specialise in the field of robotics. The course will also be of interest to technical professionals seeking to apply robotics techniques, platforms and services to development of new products and processes.

This Diploma consists of Specialist Modules in :

  • Modern Robotic Systems and Control.
  • Introduction to Vision Systems.
  • Locomotion: Path Planning, Mapping and Manipulation.
  • Sensing and Perception.
  • Digital Futures Project Portfolio Planning.

On successful completion of this course, the graduate will be able to:

  • Design, develop and apply robotics techniques, platforms and services to products and processes within industry.
  • Utilise robotic control algorithms and robotic perception systems in the development of new products and processes.
  • Utilise knowledge base to understand a robotic system problem and determine the appropriate pathway to develop a solution.

Entry Requirements:

Applicants are normally expected to hold a primary honours degree in a cognate (related) discipline, (minimum H2.2), or equivalent  and have at least 5 years of relevant industrial experience.

The course admission team may interview applicants at their discretion as part of the admission process.

Alternative Entry Route: Candidates who do not meet the minimum entry criteria may be considered in accordance with the University’s policy on the Recognition of Prior Learning. These candidates will be required to submit a portfolio to demonstrate their technical and/or management experience.

Alternative Entry Route applicants will be required to undertake an interview and satisfy the course admission team that they have the experience, motivation and ability to complete and benefit from this course.