AS 051 – Bachelor of Applied Science in Food and Business Management

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Duration: 4 Years
Third Level and CAO

Course description

CAO Code: AS051Recent attention to consumer rights, product liability, food standards and an increasing public interest in health and nutrition have resulted in commercial demands for graduates who are competent in the areas of Food Studies, Food Science and Technology, Food Safety, Food Quality, Business and Management, Food Production Methods and Nutrition. The B.Appl.Sc in Food and Business Management is designed to fulfil this need by providing industry with multi-skilled graduates who can assist them in competing successfully in an increasingly competitive and global market. This full-time honours degree programme combines food and culinary skills, food technology, food product development and science with business management and marketing whilst offering students a placement in third-year to apply their skills to the workplace.
Graduates of the B.Appl.Sc in Food and Business Management will have attained the knowledge, skills and competencies that will enable them to obtain employment in a variety of food and associated industries. Graduates will be equipped with the technical knowledge and skills required to work in a diverse range of careers such as: Food Production, New Product Development, Quality Control, Marketing / Sales, Supervision and Management, Consultancy and Research.  St Angela’s College, Sligo and NUI Galway also affords the opportunity to pursue further studies at Postgraduate, Masters and PhD levels.