AL 852 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Accounting

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Duration: 3 Years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

This three-year honours Bachelor degree in accounting will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the fundamental theories, concepts, principles and practices essential for a rewarding career in professional accountancy. You will acquire expertise in the areas of accountancy, finance, management, information technology and general business.
You will develop a critical understanding of the fundamental and advanced concepts, principles, methods and techniques of accounting, auditing and regulation. Your skills of analysis, interpretation and judgement will be enhanced, as will your capacity to apply a conceptual understanding to practical business decision-making situations, to problem solving and to the provision of effective information for financial and management accounting purposes. Concepts and applications of law in modern business practice are also a key element of this curriculum, as is the ethical underpinnings of the accounting profession.
Fundamentals of economics, business mathematics and financial theory form a key part of the modules in finance. You will be taught about the nature, significance and inter-relationship of economic and financial environments. The practice of scientific analysis and financial decision-making techniques is a central component of the programme. You will also become familiar with the mechanisms of the financial system and the evaluative methods involved, as well as developing an understanding of the core areas of business taxation.
Organisational and strategic management are critical areas of knowledge for any business manager. You will learn how to apply accepted theories to modern business management situations. The development of effective communication skills forms an essential part of the course, as does the study of fundamentals and principles of business law.
It is important that you understand the theoretical concepts and methodology of information technology, systems analysis, and design and project management. You will gain a practical knowledge of software packages and IT resources commonly used by accounting and finance professionals. The growing area of e-business is also covered in the programme.
At a general level, the degree will give you the knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes necessary for a successful career in today’s challenging business environment. You will learn how commercial and industrial organisations function, the environmental factors that effect an organisation and the contribution of the accounting/finance professional to an organisation’s success.