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Advanced VAT

2 half days
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Course description

This course is delivered online over two half days. Each day will run from 2.00pm – 5.00pm.

This course is a comprehensive interactive training course designed for people who are responsible for any aspect of business VAT obligations. It is ideal for those who have never undergone a structured VAT training course, or for those who wish to undergo a comprehensive VAT refresher course. This courses will dispel many of the common myths and misunderstandings which arise in relation to the Irish VAT System. It is designed to cover the most important principles of the operation of the Irish VAT System and is suitable for staff of all levels, who wish to gain a thorough understanding of these essential principles.

Course Content

  • Amount on which VAT is chargeable – one of the most problematic areas in VAT
  • Return of Trading Details – revised RTD Form and filing on ROS
  • Accounting for VAT – Cash Receipts Basis v Sales/Invoice Basis
  • Comprehensive explanation of the Place of Supply of Services Rules received from abroad – when foreign VAT is correctly chargeable and when it is not
  • VAT on Construction Services – when to charge VAT and when the customer must self account for VAT
  • Fixtures and Fittings – the difference from a VAT perspective!
  • VAT chargeable on goods and services supplied to foreign customers
  • When does the Irish customer have to self account for Irish VAT?
  • When does the foreign supplier have to register for and charge Irish VAT?
  • What are the customer’s obligations when the supplier does not apply VAT correctly?
  • How to determine the correct rate of VAT?
  • Disposal of company assets – is VAT chargeable?
  • VAT on Finance Charges: Hire Purchase v Leasing – the essential differences explained and how they may affect you

These are some of the most troublesome areas of VAT legislation and are a constant cause of problems and VAT underpayments recovered on Revenue Audits. Staff responsible for the VAT implications of such transactions, cannot be expected to handle such complicated issues without the benefit of dedicated training. All of the above topics listed will be dealt with in a down to earth, practical manner.

Who Should Attend This Course?
Finance managers, accountants, accounts staff and staff members with responsibility for the financial and legislative obligations of their organisation.

Anyone who wishes to be pro-active in their approach to legislative and financial compliance and anyone who wished to undergo a refresher course in the operation of the Irish VAT System

Course Benefits

  • An opportunity to put your questions to an ex-Revenue Inspector who specialises in this area
  • Small groups to allow time for individual attention and queries
  • A detailed handout is supplied to each delegate – an invaluable reference document
  • This course will pay for itself many times over
  • 30 day free VAT telephone helpline service following date of course

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