Advanced Fashion Design

Dublin City
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Part Time and Evening

Course description

The Advanced fashion design course is a follow on course for students that have completed the Fashion Design course or who have had previous experience in fashion. It is a project based course exploring deconstruction techniques, and developing design ideas by working with actual garments.

On completion the student will have mood boards of their initial research, boards with their design development and a finished garment.

Qualifications Gained
•Portobello Institute Advanced Certificate in Fashion Design

Entry Requirements

Entry to this course is by direct application to the college. There are no previous academic requirements.

Course Structure

This is a part time course delivered one evening a week

Course Content Modules


Deconstruction is a process that relates to working with actual garments as a source of inspiration. It is a technique where you can take existing clothes apart and analyse how they have been created. It is a way of developing research and design ideas three-dimensionally. It explores the potential of recycling garments through draping and manipulation on to a mannequin or stand.

By starting to play with these found items on the stand – folding, draping, pinning, cutting and combining them – you will get more information and creative potential from them.
Visit charity shops or markets and source old pieces of clothing which you will design into new innovative shapes based on your initial research.

Working with existing garments can provide knowledge and skills about how something was made: disassembling a garment and reconstructing it in new ways will help the design process and your understanding of pattern construction. The ideas you create on the stand should be recorded in your sketchbook.

Once you have decided on your final design your recycled garments themselves will be your new finished piece.

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