Griffin CollegeA Negotiation To Win training course and courses in negotation

A Negotiation To Win training course and courses in negotation

Griffin College
on request
1 day
Online Courses - Distance Learning, Part Time and Evening
9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Course description

For any person who finds themselves having to negotiate – whether in business, in the voluntary or community sector, or in your personal life knowing what you want and developing the skills to get results enhances you both materially and emotionally. Our Negotiation to Win course is designed to help you to get the best from yourself and to develop your confidence and your technical abilities in negotiation.
Key negotiation topics include the following:
Preparation Balance of Power Requirements Next Best Position Win-Win Strategies Negotiation Ploys Moods and Emotions People-2-People Skills
Course Aims:
The course is for anyone who needs to be a good negotiator. It helps to overcome the fear of failure and helps to avoid the common errors made by inexperienced negotiators. Course Syllabus:Preparation Importance of preparation Key elements in preparation Clarity of objective(s) Balance of Power Who is strong? Who is weak? Shifting the balance of power in your favour Requirements andlsquo;Must haves’ andlsquo;Like to haves’ andlsquo;Don’t need or want’ andlsquo;Will take if offered’ Next Best Position Acceptable andlsquo;holding’ position(s) Seeking clarification Communicating with supporters Returning to negotiation Win-Win Strategies Win-lose Lose-lose Compromise Scenario setting Negotiation Ploys Most common ploys andlsquo;Broken record’ in negotiation Keep the focus Moods and Emotions Moodiness Vs moods Matching needs Choosing the moment People-2-People Skills Purchasing behaviour Establishing relationships Honour and ethicsCourse Duration The course runs for one full day. Entry:
We operate an andlsquo;Open Entry’ policy but prospective participants should be able to apply what they learn on the course in an organisational setting (need not be in a job).
Participants receive the Griffin College Certificate in Negotiation Skills

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