3 Day Microblading Training

3 Day Microblading Training

South Dublin County
Offer E1999
3 Days
Flexible Learning, Part Time and Evening
10am to 4pm
Start date: Continuous Intake

Course description

What is Microblading?

This is a relatively new treatment to enter the Beauty industry in a big way. Although you may only have recently

heard of Microblading, Ecuri have been leaders in both training therapists and in delivering these treatments since 1984.

Using the Hair Stroke Razor Technique and the unique Microblading tool developed by Alec Kurucz, creator of Ecuri, you will learn the skills and techniques to apply this semi-permanent brow procedure. A therapist skilled in this technique will be able to apply the pigment between the dermis and the epidermis of the skin giving a natural and long lasting look.

Now a client with sparse eyebrows or gaps in between hairs can have them beautifully filled in and shaded with a complimentary colour for any skin tone!


Course Content

Day 1

Understanding the structure and composition of the skin
Consultation Form
Practicing Safe Procedures
Ecuri Pigments
Colour guidance
Blades and Configurations
Client Expectations
Mixing pigments
Stoke Placement
Mapping eyebrow symmetry
different shapes of eyebrows
practicing on artificial skin

Day 2

Practice Stoke Placements
Consultation with a client
Working on live model
Managing client expectations
Outlining perfect eyebrows
Choosing the correct blade for skin type
Choosing the correct pigments
Taking the best Photos
Aftercare and Sales
Outlining perfect eyebrows
Choosing the correct blade for skin type
Choosing the correct pigments
Putting all technique’s into practice
Working closely with your mentor gaining feedback from your case study work
Working on stroke placements and patterns
Cost of Training and Earning Potential
On qualification a Therapist can expect to charge

Day 3

Come back to gain further knowledge 1 month after training to gain confidence and extra skills

Initial procedure €300
Touch up (after 1 month) €180
Total cost to client €480

Minus total expenses €80

Net Profit €400