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Online Culinary and Catering  Courses in Ireland
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Diploma of Catering and Cooking (Culinary Course)[...]

International Career Institute
Course Info - ICI’s catering and cooking course turns your passion into a highly fulfilling profession! Many people […]
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Culinary Arts and Professional Cookery Level 5

This one year culinary course provides students with the necessary practical skills and theoretical knowledge to pursue a career in Culinary Arts. All students participate in work experience where they practice their skills and gain valuable knowledge in the industry. This course was developed in response to the skills shortages[...]

Plant Based Nutrition Cookery

Course Description: We know from research that a healthy diet made up of healthy wholefoods, fruits vegetables, nuts seeds and beans and plant proteins that eliminates processed foods and meats will help reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases and nourish our bodies with the valuable daily nutrients it needs[...]

Introduction to Baking

This course will cover the basics needed to start any beginner on their road to baking both sweet and savory dishes. You will learn the fundamentals of breaking down recipes and methods to cook and bake dishes using a variety of techniques and ingredients. Examples of some dishes covered are[...]

Bread Making

Course Description: This class will be teaching techniques for bread making. This will include white bread, brown bread, assorted rolls, sweet breads, soda bread. There are different techniques and ways to achieve the same results with these breads. Each week during the class, each person will make their own bread.[...]