Other Courses in Personal Development Category

Competency Based Interviewee Preparation

This Competency Based Interviewee Preparation will give attendees an understanding of how to prepare for upcoming interviews (face to face or online) and get an understanding of the purpose and structure of competency based interviews. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will: Understand the purpose and nature of competency[...]

Personal Growth and Development

Identify and achieve what you really want in life! Find the confidence and conviction to make the changes that are necessary. Unlock individual potential to achieve higher levels of performance in personal life and career. Dealing with change: Motivation: Goal setting: Exploring values and beliefs: Dealing with stress: Time /[...]

Assertiveness Skills

Being assertive is not as simple as simply asserting ones rights. It is a tool used in modern business for successful interaction with staff and clients. It is the ability to expresses ones views in the proper manner without fear or anxiety in order to obtain a desired goal. This[...]