Institute of Public AdministrationPersonal Resilience and Wellbeing

Personal Resilience and Wellbeing

€ 450.00
One Day
Job Skills and CPD, Workshops
10:00am - 4:30pm

Course description

Building Resilience has probably never been more important and yet many of us struggle to stay resilient in the face of difficult situations, pressure and stress. Increasing personal resilience in our work and personal lives means having a greater openness to change, avoiding our ‘thinking traps’ and engaging in a positive mindset.

This course will give the participant useable strategies to build the personal resilience they need to manage pressure and stress.  Participants will be introduced to a range of practical tools and techniques to support them in taking care of their wellbeing.

Personal Resilience and Wellbeing is suitable for anyone who is looking for useable strategies to build the resilience they need to manage pressure and stress.

Course Content

The Personal Resilience and Wellbeing course will cover the following areas:

  • What do we mean by resilience?
  • An understanding of fixed mindsets vs. growth mindsets – what’s the difference and why does it matter?
  • How to look for positives and possibilities in all situations through switching your perspective.
  • We are already resilient – identify what is already working.
  • Positive emotions – how do we increase our positivity ratio.
  • Create an action plan and personal commitment at the end of the course.

This is a one-day course (10:00 am – 4:30 pm) that will be delivered remotely and facilitated by a subject matter expert.

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