Our ethos at Portobello Institute

Our ethos at Portobello Institute

With our autumn intake of full time programmes commencing in the coming two weeks we are delighted to share this insight with you into our college ethos across all departments originating from 1981.  Our mission is to make education accessible to everyone and to support those with the courage to take that leap into the new and unknown and this will continue to be central to what we do here at Portobello Institute.

We Care

There is a strong and shared ethos of personal care for all students who come to study at Portobello Institute. Every student is personally known by their name, ambitions and their goals are understood and valued, in a supportive environment.

Supporting Courage

For many students it takes courage to follow their passion and Portobello has been the perfect choice for those wishing to choose a specific route.

Quality tutors

Many of the tutors at Portobello Institute have a long service with the college, all of whom are well regarded in their own industry as leaders and innovators, all of whom have significant experience and qualifications within their sector.

Industry focus & links

Through studying at Portobello Institute students get the opportunity to gain quality work experience within their chosen sector while studying which ultimately can lead to securing jobs on completion of courses.  Graduates are highly sought after and numerous employers seek out and encourage links with the college and its graduates.

Student support & class size

Our philosophy at Portobello Institute is to ensure that each and every student is supported to have the opportunity to achieve their personal best. This includes small class sizes, so students will know their classmates and their tutor knows them. Learner are free to book one to one tutor support, access assignment support with the ability to submit draft assignments with feedback for improvement to to submit best final version.

A dedicated programme and quality management team is fully available to assist with students with any queries and discuss any personal challenges. We are here to encourage and support all students to stay on their learning journey and to realise their personal best.

Study life Balance

Across all departments we support learners to work smarter. Learners who achieve a good study-life balance ultimately achieve more academically. Study time, spending time with family, participating in pastimes are all important to maintaining a positive study-life balance. Getting the right balance is important and will help maximise the time spent on study.

Giving Back

At Portobello Institute we understand the importance of giving back having a small in-house charity we set up called “Dochas Leanai”.  College director Denise Flood travels to India and Belarus twice a year with a team of about 15 individuals, across staff and students. Devoted work includes training Montessori teachers and setting up Montessori schools in slum areas in Pune India.

The charity are also heavily involved in supporting training in a girls rescue centre and in a small school for profoundly hearing impaired children. This involves self defence training in a community project to young boys and sports and arts and crafts camps in a slum school in Pune.


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