CPD and Short Term Courses

CPD and Short Term Courses

There are endless recommendations on how to make yourself more employable or current these days with conversion courses being one option (a conversion programme is a highly intensive course undertaken over a few months which converts your current qualifications into another qualification). There are also a wide range of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) options available. It is suggested that the average person will change careers six times in their lifetime (not always by choice), so the flexibility and broader knowledge base gained from continuous education can be a huge asset for career advancement.

If you are reluctant to commit to a full-time or part-time course; there are short courses you can complete over a weekend or even a day that entail no long term commitment but yet will furnish you with a certificate of completion and a statement of skills acquired from a recognised trainer. Yes, that gap in your qualifications/skills base could be addressed in a matter of hours.

There are a number of employees in the workplace that often fake familiarity and competence in certain areas, but fear being found out. There are also a number of people who are prevented from applying for new positions as they might lack one essential skill. The advantage of taking a course in a day is that it can be done in confidence without anybody knowing if that is your wish or it can quickly bring you up to speed in areas you lack confidence in.

Pitman Training runs a number of courses that require less than a day out of your life to complete. As an example: if you’re familiar with Windows and confident with a mouse, but find it difficult to navigate your way around the internet; they have a course just for you. Their internet course will introduce you to all the basics you need when it comes to using the internet and email. This course covers using Internet Explorer, search providers, using search, favourites and history, online transactions, webmail, email etiquette and more.  As part of this day course you will work your way through and produce a personalised workbook. Pitman stands for excellence in training and this name on your CV will ensure that your employer or future employer will be assured of the credibility of the course completed. You can also do Word or Excel courses with Pitman, amongst others, which will equip you with essential skills to optimise your performance in the workplace.

Griffin College run a comprehensive day course in Conflict Handling and Resolution Skills. These skills are extremely valued in the workplace and certainly do add to your transferable skills. The aim and purpose of this course is to assist participants to identify possible causes of conflict, key conflict denominators, barriers to resolutions and possible solutions. This course is extremely relevant and sought after in today’s workplace. As an employee you could possibly save your employer a substantial fee engaging profession conflict mediators.

Short term Courses give you an opportunity to learn something completely new or enhance your current skills. These courses will ensure that you are keeping up with your continuous professional development. They may be short but they are extremely focused and current regarding workplace skills. Those sought after skills you need might just be 1 day away – thanks to the credible and professional training providers in Ireland who see the relevancy in offering such courses.

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Catriona Lowry