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Hearing a lot about apprenticeships recently & not sure how well I'm going to do in exams. If I was to try an apprenticeship how long before I qualify?
"Apprenticeships have become an are of focus for the government recently. Generation Apprenticeship is a major expansion project to more than double the number of learners of all ages and backgrounds taking the apprenticeship route. Duration varies between 2 & 4 years, depending on the programme. Some more information below..
Apprenticeships in Ireland are:

Industry-led by consortia of industry and education partners
Lead to an award at Levels 5 to 10 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ)
Between 2-4 years in duration
Minimum 50% on-the-job learning
Flexible delivery – online, blended, off-the-job learning in increments/blocks
Apprentices are employed under a formal contract of apprenticeship
The employer pays the apprentice for the duration of the apprenticeship (For apprenticeships in place prior to 2016 the State pays a training allowance to apprentices during off-the-job training phases).

More information available at"
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