PLC Course Funding and Grants

PLC Course Funding and Grants

The Student Grant Scheme is the main financial support scheme for students studying in Ireland and abroad. It is also known as the SUSI grant because the Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) is the awarding authority for the Student Grant Scheme.

PLC students in Ireland are eligible for maintenance grants.

Maintenance grants

Maintenance grants help students with their living costs.

From September 2022, students do not have to pay a student contribution fee for PLC courses. In previous years, the fee was €200.

Colleges offering PLC courses usually also have a ‘course charge’ to cover such expenses as books, uniforms, student services, professional registration fees and exam fees. The amount varies from college to college but is usually affordable for most students. Everyone has to pay the ‘course charge’.

Asylum seekers and fees

Since the start of the 2021/22 academic year, international protection applicants who have permission to work and want to access a PLC course no longer have to pay international fees.


To be eligible for a grant you must qualify under the following criteria:

Nationality and Residency

You must be an Irish, EU, EEA, UK or Swiss National or have specific leave to remain in the State. More info
You must be ordinarily resident in Ireland or the EU for 3 of the last 5 years. If you were resident outside the State for this period but were resident in the EU, EEA, UK or Switzerland you are deemed to be a tuition student which would normally make you eligible for the course fee portion of a grant. However, as you are applying for a PLC course of study (and SUSI does not supply funding for course fees on PLC courses, i.e. funding on PLC courses is provided for maintenance only) you will not qualify for any funding from SUSI.


You must be progressing in your education (increasing your NFQ level). More info
You must be attending an approved course in an approved institution. More info


Who is included in the calculation of your income for grant purposes depends on which class of applicant you are, dependent or independent. Please note that applicants who apply under the incorrect class will have their applications cancelled and will need to apply again.
Your reckonable income (income calculated for grant purposes) must fall under the specified thresholds. This income will be a factor in determining what type of funding you could receive. More info

Maximum periods of grant assistance

Funding is only available to students at PLC level for a certain amount of years and depends on their previous education. More info