Office Skills and Administration

Office Skills and Administration

Office skills courses are designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills required to effectively perform administrative functions within an office environment. Participants study the responsibilities and skills necessary to perform general office and administrative duties.

Office skills courses usually lead to specialisations in particular roles but as a general rule a basic office skills course would cover the following areas;

  • Office Structure & Equipment
  • Health & Safety in the office environment
  • File Management
  • Communications Skills

Office Structure & Equipment

  • Understand the different office services which are likely to be performed within an organisation
  • Understand the duties and responsibilities of other office staff
  • Organise and maintain tidy working and storage space
  • Perform routine office tasks using a range of office equipment and technology

Health & Safety

  • Understand & demonstrate safe working practices for the job role
  • Contribute to limitation of damage to persons and property in the event of an emergency
  • Safely operate and general care of office equipment

File Management

  • Identify the essential elements of a good filing system
  • Assess the advantages and disadvantages of different methods of classification
  • Understand the concept of data protection
  • Store and retrieve files in a paper-based system
  • Enter and find data using a computer system

Communications Skills

  • Make & Receive telephone calls in a professional manner and convey information accurately using extension relay or messaging
  • Greet and deal with visitors in a friendly and business-like manner
  • Effective communication skills for meetings

On completion of general office skills courses students often proceed to focus on a specific skill area whilst already benefitting from a range of general office skills. Computer skills will also form an important part of ongoing career development in this area.

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