WD 094 – BSc in Architectural Technology

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CAO and Third Level

Course description

Course code: WD094 What is Architectural Technology? Architectural Technology concentrates on the science of building. Architectural Technologists become specialists in preparing detailed drawings and specifications for building projects. They work closely with architects and other members of the design team. What is the BSc in Architectural Technology course? The BSc in Architectural Technology is a three year course which will enable students to become competent in preparing construction drawings and specifications for complex building types. There is also an emphasis on environmental studies ensuring awareness of energy saving measures in detailing and construction. Students are taught various computer software packages. They explore various graphical ways of presenting drawings. They are introduced to structures and architectural history as well as to the principals of guiding construction law and professional practice. Career Opportunities * Architect’s office * Government department or local authorities * Commercial firms, for instance manufacturers or suppliers in the building industry * Setting up a company in specialist areas