TR 034 – Management Science and Information Systems Studies

Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

CAO CODE: TR034 The Management Science and Information Systems Studies degree (affectionately known as MSISS) is one of the most challenging and exciting undergraduate degree level courses available in Ireland. It was originally set up in 1980 to provide a degree for engineers that would have a greater emphasis on management science and quantitative methods than was to be found in traditional engineering degrees; until 1995, it was called Management Science and Industrial Systems Studies. Over the past 25 years the programme has continuously evolved and changed so that, at this stage, its roots in engineering have almost disappeared to be replaced by a focus on modern information systems. Today’s MSISS programme is designed to bridge a different gap – that between business, information technology and management science. The primary objective of the MSISS programme is to produce graduates who are numerate as well as business and computer literate and who have a solid understanding of how to approach and solve practical problems using a variety of tools and techniques. To do this represents a considerable challenge for us and for you which is what makes MSISS one of the most interesting courses around.