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Course description

Teach online and offline! turn your expertise, knowledge, experience, or passion into your course!

The 13-tool system you can use to pick the right teaching tool, discover how your students/clients really learn and be certain your training will reach every learner (before you train it)

Discover exactly how adults learn and how you can use thirteen amazing tools to ensure every one of them leaves your room with the understanding you wanted to get across.

Find out how to reach all your learners at the same time! Learn the four new adult learning styles:

  • Step learner
  • Research learner
  • Talk learner
  • Create learner


Start with what you already have (such as a computer and a cell phone) or inexpensive equipment, plus easy-to-use free software, and then upgrade over time.


Learn everything you need to know to produce quality video, including audio, lighting, videography, backgrounds, and presentations.


Speak with confidence and feel comfortable being on camera and in front of the group.


Learn how to get sales even if you don’t have an audience to begin with!


Develop the curriculum for your course, including defining your market, deciding what to teach, creating your outline, designing your content, and creating video-length segments.


Learn how to test your course idea to make sure it’s viable and profitable.


Beginner and advanced video editing tips and demonstrations—showing how simple the process really is, including how to edit video and audio using free and paid software such as Canva, PowerPoint, and Wondershare as well as screencasting and using a green screen.


Learn about different educational platforms and marketplaces where you can reach millions of students who are already interested in online courses or use our website to sell your course.


Build your own website using done-for-you templates (google sites) that are easy to use (even if you’re not a techie) or use our website for it.


Write epic titles and subtitles that sell and effective course outcomes and descriptions for your course landing page.


Follow a proven framework to create compelling promotional videos.


Evaluate your market to know exactly what to set your price at.


Tips and tools for marketing your online courses, including YouTube, Facebook, Interviews, Webinars and Sales Funnels.

What you’ll learn

  • Identify the sweet spot where your passion and talents meet the most urgent needs of your market.
  • Evaluate demand, before putting time & effort into creating your course.
  • Execute a simple, foolproof method for identifying a profitable course idea that sells.
  • Find and set the right price point for your course.
  • Use guidelines and templates to create unique, irresistible offers that stand out from all of your competitors.
  • Use my simple, step-by-step process to create and package your content in a way that speaks to your audience’s pain points and goals.
  • Build a targeted list of the right people to market to, even if you’re starting from zero!
  • Develop a powerful marketing and sales funnel and create compelling lead magnets to market and sell your course.
  • Create successful Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn advertising campaigns that specifically target people who want what you’re selling!
  • Utilize efficient growth-hacking strategies to increase your conversion rate and get more relevant leads.
  • Execute on a complete plan for developing a marketing journey for prospective customers that turns browsers into lifelong customers.
  • Build a persuasive Sales Landing page to effectively convince your prospects to buy.
  • Position yourself to stand out in your industry as a true expert whose courses deliver real, actionable value.
  • A simple 5-step model that unravels the mystery of how adults learn, and how you can apply this theory to easily reach every learner you work with
  • The crucial components of each adult learning style, and why you absolutely must know them to successfully reach every learner
  • Why most trainers are only able to teach others using their own learning style, and how to target the other 75% of learners in your classroom
  • How to use the “Big Picture” technique to demonstrate to trainees why current subject matter is so important because of how it fits in with what is to come
  • The real keys to successfully “breaking the ice” in your classroom include the things you must avoid doing it well
  • The #1 reason trainees dread group work, and an EASY method to turn the table and get them to enjoy it
  • An easy, effective method called “Application Questions” for keeping trainees engaged and participating in your class at all times
  • A simple “directional method” to get everyone in the room following along simultaneously without ever getting lost
  • 3 ways to make your teaching captivating so they can’t wait to hear what you have to say next

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