Positive Psychology Workshop

Dublin City
Price: € 85
Duration: 1 day
Part Time and Evening
10am to 5pm

Course description

Positive Psychology is a science of optimum human functioning. Put simply, it is a study of you at your best. Psychologists all around the world dipped into the latest science, in an attempt to find the best activities to help you live your live to the full. Their quest culminates in an array of evidence-based interventions many of which will be discussed during this programme. This session is a story-telling of the best nuggets of positive psychology knowledge that everyone needs to know in order to live a good life. It is your treat to yourself and your family, who will reap the benefits of your newly acquired knowledge.

During this session you will discover a lot about yourself. You will:


Find out what your strengths are and how you can use them to cope with life challenges, improve your well-being and work performance


Discover a very simple evidence-based technique to help you become a more optimistic thinker


Explore why passion for someone or something can sometimes be bad for you


Learn the latest research and activities on how to overcome relationship breakup, job loss, daily frustrations or common boredom


Find out what you can do to become more disciplined, motivated to do the things you want to pursue, but have no energy to do.


Explore how you can develop courage, forgiveness, hope, perseverance and become the authentic self


Know what you can do to help your children become more resilient in life


Find out what YOU can do to boost your skills of resilience
and many more

This is an all in one session that will leave you full of ideas and inspired. It will open up the door for you into the world that could potentially change your life.

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