PCI CollegeMSc Addiction Counselling and Psychotherapy

MSc Addiction Counselling and Psychotherapy

PCI College
Dublin West
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2 years
Part Time and Evening, Weekend
Start date: Continuous Intake

Course description

Who is this course for?
The MSc Addiction Counselling & Psychotherapy is a comprehensive professional training course, focused on working therapeutically with people dealing with addiction. This course is aimed at graduates who are currently working, or plan to work, in addiction services, including counsellors and psychotherapists, doctors, nurses, youth workers, social carers, social workers, psychologists and those who wish solidify and enhance their qualifications, whilst gaining contemporary theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The course, which is validated by Middlesex University, is designed to supplement trainees’ existing qualifications rather than serve as a stand-alone counselling qualification. This course meets some, but not all, of the accreditation criteria for the Addiction Counsellors of Ireland (ACI). While not accrediting specific courses, the ACI does evaluate applicants based on qualifications, training and specialist experience. The MSc Addiction Counselling & Psychotherapy programme is designed to fulfil a number of these essential criteria.


What are the benefits of doing this course?
On completion of the course, you will have developed the advanced competence and proficiency to work with clients presenting with a wide variety of addiction issues in a range of settings. You will more fully understand the complex and challenging nature of addiction and recovery, whilst prioritising the individuality of the person affected by addiction. You will be well placed to influence attitudes and affect policy in the workplace, community and society. The programme complements the national policy on taking a harm-reduction approach to treating addiction. With a module dedicated to dual diagnosis, the programme is suited to candidates interested in developing a single care pathway in addiction and mental health services for those that need it, in line with the ‘no wrong door’ approach of the recently launched HSE Model of Care for Dual Diagnosis.


What will you learn?
The course is designed to give learners a working understanding of the theories, processes and dynamics of addiction in an ever-changing biopsychosocial context, with a strong focus on effective, evidence-based approaches to treatment and counselling. With a person-centred philosophy at its core, students will be equipped with a variety of clinical skills applicable to the complex presentation of addiction that span diverse populations. The programme addresses the ever-pervasive influence of the internet and how it exacerbates the deleterious effects of behavioural addictions such as compulsive gambling, sexual addiction and gaming. Students will experience addiction from a multidisciplinary viewpoint during site visits and within reflexive clinical practice, in addition to developing proficiency in three different talk therapy modalities.


VENUES THAT RUN THIS COURSE: Dublin West (Clondalkin).

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