Photography – Diploma training course in Traditional Photography

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Price: € 495
Duration: 12 months
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Course description

This photograpahy distance learning course will teach you the techniques for taking professional quality photographs. As you complete each of the lessons, you will gain photography skills that will can help with your career or for personal use.

You can study this photography course entirely from home with a tutor to guide you through all the lessons. Photographs can be memorable, interesting and they can qualify as fine art. They can also be entered in to competitions.

There is always a market for good photography. Newspapers and magazines are readily available outlets for talented photographers. There are all kinds of events people will pay to have photographed – sporting, religious, social and local.

Course Contents

* Unit 1: The Brief and Visualisation

* Unit 2: The Camera

* Unit 3: Sensitive Materials

* Unit 4: Film Processing

* Unit 5: Photographic Printing

* Unit 6: Presentation and Finishing Techniques

* Unit 7: Photographic Communication

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