PFS Postural Assessment

6.5 hours
Online Courses - Distance Learning
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Course description

Live Online Course face to face with tutor from the comfort of your own home.

Without this course, you will never know which exercises to choose for your clients so that they stay injury free!

This one day course will cover the fundamentals of correctly assessing your client’s posture, identifying deviations, and using the correct exercises to fix the issues.

  • Progress Tracking – Measurements, Body Fat
  • Correct Body Alignment
  • Kinetic Chains
  • Static/Visual Assessments
  • Dynamic Assessment
  • Functional Assessment
  • Deviation Types
  • Overactive & Under-active Muscles
  • Corrective Exercises
  • Stretching and Flexibility
  • Brief intro to Mobility & Flexibility and effects on posture.
  • Postural Correction as part of Personal Training
  • Fascia
  • Myofascia
  • Tensegrity in Posture
  • How and when to use postural assessments
  • Correct Breathing & Core integration
  • This will allow you to help improve your client’s quality of life by alleviating issues such as chronic back pain, headaches, breathing issues, muscle stiffness, neck pain, and digestive issues. You will also be knowledgeable in the limitations of the pregnant client and be aware of the contraindications.

This course will also provide a fantastic opportunity for new and existing clubs to train or re-train their staff to become exquisite at client inductions by taking correct measurements and tracking progress. This will result in a higher likelihood of membership retention by clients.

The course covers how to accurately and correctly obtain client information and measure their progress by checking their ability to pass tests specifically designed to gather data.

An extremely helpful tool for all types of fitness professionals as the data obtained can be used to track progress, therefore evidently show where the client is currently at when they start and how much improvement they have achieved, whilst training with the professional. This is a magnificent motivational tool!

This course will give you the tools to track client progress and to address functional posture issues which will improve every aspect of fitness and health.

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